New Godox flashes arrived


To continue in my quest for finding an off-brand flash system for my Nikon D500 I’m on company #2, Godox.  They have a fairly good review for their lighting systems.  You can get them on or the unbranded FlashPoint from  They are the same units.

I ordered up two TT685 with the X1T Transmitter.  The flashes do not require a receiver as it is built in.  Everything seems to work as it should.  I can adjust the flash output from the Transmitter on top of the hotshoe of the camera, which is what I wanted.  It did take a long time to set it up as the instruction booklet is not easy to follow.  I ended up looking online and found a great site with 1, 2, 3 instructions.

I now have a notebook that I’ve also written these instructions down into.  As things go settings get changed and I forget how to reset the camera to flashes.  It’s rather quick though to do now.  The key was to keep the channel setting high.  I use 13.  According to Godox, items like Bluetooth devices can interfere with the signal.  Well, I have a cellphone, tablet, headphones and speakers all in the same area running Bluetooth, so there answered my initial concerns as to why lower channels were not operational.

Now.. comes the woe of the day.  On the second day of use, one of the flashes let out an ear shattering pop (much like an air gun) when I pressed the test fire button from the Transmitter.  The flash continued to work fine, but when I tried the test fire button again, the same thing happened, and it no longer communicates with the transmitter.  So, that particular flash is being returned.  Not sure what happened, or why.  The second flash has been going strong with no issues.  Seems I have a 50/50 luck on my side.

The return of the Camerons covered the expense even with the US exchange on the Godoxs and in honesty, they are more solidly built.  I’m happy with the product and the images they are helping me produce.


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